Professional References

Some References

  • Frank Muller-Karger– Professor, College of Marine Science, University of South Florida
“I find Ms. Garcia-Ferreira to be a very forward-looking, independent professional, proactive and energetic young oceanographer who is interested in the application of modern oceanographic. Ms. Ferreira has a solid science background and significant experience. She has strong and recognized experience in Oceanographic Campaigns held in relevant projects. She has good programming skills in IDL and likely can learn other languages fast.  She has a positive attitude, team and disposition and understands the issues. She knows how to develop a good rapport and science communication. Ana Rita also brings an important international perspective. She is fluent in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.”
  • Alexandra Cravo– Professor, FCT, University of Algarve
“I know Ana Rita Ferreira since she was my student in the lecture course of Chemical Oceanography of the Oceanography degree, at the University of Algarve. Her attendance, performance and enthusiasm in the classes were outstanding. I realized by that time that she was very excited about the biogeochemical cycles of nutrients and interaction with metals in the ocean. Moreover during her degree she also show to have a great interest on the physical processes, those driving the mechanisms affecting the chemical ones. During her final project degree, I supervised her along with Professor Maria João Bebianno. She conducted a work within the Chemical Oceanography field.  Her study was entitled: Nutrients and metals variability in the Iberian continental shelf (winter 2001) that was of high quality. So, from what I known from her degree academic formation and further studies that she conducted it is my conviction that she has background skills and competences, controls several tools important to led this very interesting position. Moreover, she has very good personal qualities to work within a research team.
  • Vitor Queirós Gomes –Western Europe Offices Coordinator @ AICEP Portugal Global
    “Ana Rita is a professional highly motivated and focused, completely aware of business environment as well as a well trained and skilled scientist.I’ve had the opportunity to work with Ana and was able to witness the ability Ana Rita possesses to deal, communicate, generate empathy and connect with people.On the other hand, Ana Rita has also a scientific background that allows her to follow and express her ideas on a academic knowledge based point of view.I truly believe that Ana Rita is a great asset to any company or organization that requires someone that is skilled both in business and in science.”
  • Ayoze Castro Alonso (PhD)  -R&D Portafolio and Project Manager @PLOCAN

“I had the opportunity to work with Ana during the preparation of a highly technological EU project proposal. Despite our different scientific backgrounds and the stressful conditions that usually are associated to final working sessions, she showed always a calm, easygoing and very professional attitude and management skills. This allowed us to easily establish and distribute our responsibilities and tasks and achieve our goals. It will be a pleasure to have again the opportunity to work with Ana and I would strongly recommend her for R&D project proposal preparation and management.”

  • Hugo Diogo -Boosting Maritime Technology Innovation @GLintt
    “I had the pleasure of working with Ana Rita Ferreira. She is undoubtedly an extraordinary professional to work with, learn and grow professionally – a fantastic human being, as well as an excellent and very comitted professional.Ana Rita is a talent Oceanographer with strong pulic relations skills and therefore she is clearly an added value for any organisation seeking outstanding professionals in the domains of the sea economy.”
  • Artur Gil-Post-Doctoral Research Scientist at the University of the Azores

    “Ana Rita is a brilliant oceanographer and she’s high-skilled and has large experience in Marine Remote Sensing, Marine Biology, Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning and Management. She’s also hard worker, intelligent, persistent, goal-focused and very easy to work with.”